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This journal never really served its rightful purpose. My massive friends list has, of course, remained loyal to me, and so I feel obligated to at least attempt a meaningful entry.

Following the abandonment of my LiveJournal in mid-February, I was plagued with an extraordinary bad case of senioritis. Really, it was the same poor work ethic that I had exhibited during the first three and a half years of high school, only now it had a legitimate name. After almost failing two classes during the third quarter, this led to a suspension of my after-school driving and internet privileges. (Hence, I have an actual excuse for the absence of journal entries up through early June, unless you take my Herculean ability to disregard disciplinary action into consideration). The fourth and final quarter of classes was equally--if not more--painful; I singlehandedly managed to turn not a single essay in by or on its due date. Part of me still thinks I wouldn't have made it to graduation unless my teachers AND the administration weren't so anxious to get rid of me.

So, as of June 10th, I have been turned loose on the world. To honor the Taylor tradition, I spent the first week of summer out on Cape Cod, reading on the beach and transforming into a lobster. I have fallen shamefully in love with "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" (the book, no doubt), despite my insistence that I had too much dignity to admire a piece by someone who alleged to be the "Doctor of Gonzo Journalism." And, perhaps because I was still suffering pangs of guilt that I did not once crack its pages during English class (or for any of the three compositions I wrote on it), I have also come to appreciate Ralph Ellison's "Invisible Man."

Now, I am home, no longer sunburned, and at a loss for things to do. My girlfriend, Kate, is in Spain until the 28th, and next Sunday, I move into Parsons for five weeks. According to my father, I've "developed a dependence on her," so understandably I'm missing her insanely. She's making plans to visit me on the weekends, when I won't have classes, but after vacation, her summer budget is going to be tight. In the very least, I'll have Kennedy, Len and Luke around the city to drag me on shopping excursions in the Village and St. Mark's Place.
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