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10/13/05 06:31 pm

During mid-terms, I've lost: twenty pounds, twenty hours of much-needed sleep, twenty points on my class averages, and twenty strands of hair. There are, however, worse tragedies in my life right now, particularly the failure of the Red Sox to defend their title.

I'll admit that I really can't wait to be home next month. Everything else is wearing me thin right now.

9/27/05 09:44 pm

In fewer than two months, I'll be let loose on Massachusetts, attempting to balance the demands of an overbooked social calendar with familial obligations, all on a stomach stuffed full of my mom's irresistable Thanksgiving recipes. I'm partly salivating, partly nauseated, and mostly uncertain. I love being at college; I miss being at home; but I don't know how well my two worlds will mesh. These issues probably shouldn't be up for contemplation when I have a backlog of two text assignments and 100 pages of reading, in addition to this week's current work load.

But, on a happier (?) note: I am well on my way to becoming a Desperate Housewives fanatic. Apparently, college does change people. Or maybe that's a job reserved for gay roommates looking to take on a heterosexual charity case.

And now commences a 6-hour study/read-until-I-go-temporarily-blind session?

9/20/05 08:39 pm

I still love college, including the motherload of work that keeps me on a 4-hour-maximum sleep cycle during the week. In becoming a lot less concerned with grades and a lot more concerned with getting my assignments in on time, I've actually started achieving a refrigerator-worthy grade report for the first time since the early years of elementary school. Only now, I have an incentive that my prepubescent self could not have appreciated: a girlfriend who takes delight in performing when I do.

I've even let my roommate help me become more "cultured," in his sense of the word. I watched the Emmy's for the first time in the 18-years of my existence. I sat through an entire Monday night line-up (after learning what a Monday night line-up is). I listened to the new Beck album and even managed to appreciate a few songs. Now, we're seeing him live in a couple weeks time.

I don't think things could be much better. Especially for a sober college boy.

Oh, and Red Sox game on Friday night? You bet.

9/3/05 10:39 am

It's now been a week since I moved into the dorm. And college? I love it all-- even the Jesuits and their golf carts!

The campus is beautiful. The cafeteria food isn't likely to put me on a hunger strike. The classes and professors are so intriguing that I might actually put maximal effort into finally developing the good work habits that four years of preparatory school failed to ingrain in me. D.C. already feels like a part of my being, and my attachment to the city will only grow once I get an internship.

The dorm is wild. Tuition seems to go more toward a degree in alcohol consumption and less toward a degree in education. Drunk kids are often my late-night entertainment, and I've had many good laughs. Somehow, I managed to luck out with a sober roommate, and while the rest of our floor tries to outdrink each other, we get fiercely competitive in 3-hour games of Trivial Pursuit. I, of course, dominate him, though my performance in the "Arts & Entertainment" category is admittedly weak.

Undeniably, the real perk of being here is that Kate is only a couple miles away. We're taking full advantage of that on weekends.

7/21/05 03:10 pm

So, as I get ready to clear out of the dorms on Saturday and head up to Cape Cod for the remainder of the summer, it seems that the obligatory "I can't believe how fast this is all coming to an end" post is in order. In truth, after weeks of anticipating my departure from Parsons, I am shocked at how suddenly things are coming to an end. No doubt I am still glad to go, but it is odd -- and perhaps even unfortunate -- that I'm leaving just as I finally adapted to dorm and city life.

However, despite my prior declarations of love for New York City, I've decided that suburbia really is my niche. The things you come to miss in the city are odd; grass, for example. I suppose I have always taken having a backyard with acres of grass for granted, in more than one respect.

7/8/05 11:50 pm

The one thing about Parsons that never seems to fail me is its location: I've continued developing a fondness for New York City. However, I think I expected too much of the people here. By no gross exaggeration, all but three boys, myself included, are gay, and most of the girls are in an on-going battle with anorexia, coke addiction or both. Not that I want to pass judgment on these people solely based upon their lifestyles; nevertheless, it is a bit alarming that until the 22nd, I'm going to be a heterosexual, straight-edge guy stuck in a place where homosexuality, eating disorders and drug use are rampant.

Perhaps the only reason I've kept my sanity for the time being is Kate driving down to spend a couple nights here. Yesterday, Len, Luke and Alicia came to Union Square to celebrate her birthday with a lunch at Japonica. Instead of a ceremonial visit to a porn store, Kate decided that her initiation into the life of an 18 year old would be a trip to the Tobacco Shop. A pack of Djarum Blacks later, we all went bowling, and then Kate and I headed back to my dorm for our first legal fuck.

Oddly enough, I think I might actually miss my family, or at least the Taylor household.

7/2/05 10:45 pm

Parsons is like a gay man's paradise; it is a shame, then, that I completely lack a homosexual side. A cute girl even came up to me at dinner, mentioning that her friend (who I later discovered was her male friend) was looking for a "fling." Fortunately, my relationship status was an excuse to avoid the topic of sexuality altogether.

The city itself is amazing. If I did not have a love affair with Boston and the Cape, I would consider renting an apartment in the Village for school breaks. After adventuring to Union Square yesterday, I even had pangs of regret that I did not apply to NYU last fall. When Kate comes to visit, she'll probably try to talk me into transferring after freshman or sophomore year. Ironically, she has always dreamed of going to school and finding a job in New York.

6/20/05 11:22 am

This journal never really served its rightful purpose. My massive friends list has, of course, remained loyal to me, and so I feel obligated to at least attempt a meaningful entry.

Following the abandonment of my LiveJournal in mid-February, I was plagued with an extraordinary bad case of senioritis. Really, it was the same poor work ethic that I had exhibited during the first three and a half years of high school, only now it had a legitimate name. After almost failing two classes during the third quarter, this led to a suspension of my after-school driving and internet privileges. (Hence, I have an actual excuse for the absence of journal entries up through early June, unless you take my Herculean ability to disregard disciplinary action into consideration). The fourth and final quarter of classes was equally--if not more--painful; I singlehandedly managed to turn not a single essay in by or on its due date. Part of me still thinks I wouldn't have made it to graduation unless my teachers AND the administration weren't so anxious to get rid of me.

So, as of June 10th, I have been turned loose on the world. To honor the Taylor tradition, I spent the first week of summer out on Cape Cod, reading on the beach and transforming into a lobster. I have fallen shamefully in love with "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" (the book, no doubt), despite my insistence that I had too much dignity to admire a piece by someone who alleged to be the "Doctor of Gonzo Journalism." And, perhaps because I was still suffering pangs of guilt that I did not once crack its pages during English class (or for any of the three compositions I wrote on it), I have also come to appreciate Ralph Ellison's "Invisible Man."

Now, I am home, no longer sunburned, and at a loss for things to do. My girlfriend, Kate, is in Spain until the 28th, and next Sunday, I move into Parsons for five weeks. According to my father, I've "developed a dependence on her," so understandably I'm missing her insanely. She's making plans to visit me on the weekends, when I won't have classes, but after vacation, her summer budget is going to be tight. In the very least, I'll have Kennedy, Len and Luke around the city to drag me on shopping excursions in the Village and St. Mark's Place.

2/6/05 11:20 pm

I'm neither a huge football fan nor a jealous guy, but I've actually been feeling pangs of envy since I found out that Len is down in Jacksonville for the Superbowl. Especially now that the Pats won.

Memorabilia, Len. I'm expecting memorabilia to sell on ebay.

2/5/05 02:03 pm

I'm "testing out" a laptop at the computer store. My dad says I'll be resorting to Georgetown's facilities if this computer doesn't get me through the next four and a half years.

Just a quick response to something I read on my friend's Xanga, bashing Bush for his "blatant use of religion and religious phrases in presidential speeches to get people on his side," and for feeding the American people bullshit about the Iraqis' "liberation" when almost 18,000 are dead and will never get to love liberty:

Referencing scripture is not a violation of separation of church and state; in fact, it is Bush's constitutional right to make "blatant use of religion and religious phrases" in his speeches. I am sick of people who claim to oppose censorship and at the same time argue that the President should be censored. What this all boils down to is people lacking the maturity to hear things that they do not want to hear. Bush doesn't want to hear about your lack of faith; you don't want to hear about Bush's faith. Grow up. The problem isn't that he talks about his beliefs; it's that he forces them on us when he tries to take a religious stance on issues like gay marriage by amending the Constitution.

As for Iraq, well, I'll keep it simple: I do, in principle, oppose war, but it is ludicrous to believe that liberation can always be achieved without the loss of innocent lives. Maybe Afghanistan would have been the "right" war, though if we "failed" there, too, then the same arguments currently being thrown around about Iraq and Hussein would surface in regard to Afghanistan and bin Laden.

However, to assure all of you that there's still some liberal in me, I'll admit how pleased I am with this. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the appeal goes through.

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